What is a white collar criminal? Everyone knows they’re out there…but they’re subtle, powerful and very difficult to identify. They don’t steal your wallet. Your money never leaves it, but it loses its value. They rob you of its value. Those who have direct access to the mechanisms of currency production and distribution appropriate that lost value. These falsifiers mix recently-created money with that which already exists. This process is irreversible. Despite their divergent origins, once in circulation, the two are indistinguishable. This transfer of wealth gives rise to an inflation of ignorance, which is spawned in a way that is gradual, continuous, silent and stealthy. In this way the causes and their effect are separated in time and space, making it extremely difficult to follow them. Creators’ projects must overcome natural barriers. But this is not enough: a parasitic class preys upon the fruits of their efforts, with wantonness and impunity.