What is more valuable? What has greater potential to generate wealth? A million dollars in the hands of a person who won it at a game of chance…or in those of a worker or entrepreneur who obtained it through his creative efforts? In order to carry out any analysis of wealth in a society, one must consider the tandem money+owner as an inseparable whole.

This system’s multiplying effect of wealth does not depend only on the quantity of the former.  Rather, it depends mainly on the integral nature of the combination. This quality is a function of the origin of the money and the characteristics of its owner. In fact, under certain circumstances an increase in the quantity of money in circulation can diminish the system’s global quality, resulting in a reduction of wealth in the mid term. This effect always comes about when money has no identifiable owner.

There exist three parameters in Nature which allow one to define the quality of any given system in an objective manner.10