Are the intellectual discoveries and creations which blaze new trails and break natural barriers the results of plans carried out by teams of highly-qualified people, or more the work of individual geniuses? Could a team of individual geniuses, working simultaneously on a team, produce results superior to that which each would obtain if they worked separately? No. All intellectual output is the product of a sophisticated biological machine weighing a little over one kilogram: the neocortex. This machine contains the most complex organization of material known to date. It is the result of billions of years of natural evolution. Just like Nature itself, it features an internal, hierarchically-organized structure. This is why it is the best tool to untangle its secrets. Because Nature does not evolve in a lineal way, it has prepared the brain to obtain invariant representations and make predictions which allow it to carry out non-lineal reasoning. All the areas of the neocortex use the same general algorithm, but each genius, like each person, uses his own heuristics. These heuristics define his personality.